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A long term solution is a combination of sex education (both to women and men), basic self defense education for all girls as part of national curricula (though it wont help in gang situations), a change in the way media portray love (the typical teenage romantic movie, especially those aimed at small town and rural youth, involves boys harassing girls until they start reciprocating) and more constructive ‘release’ opportunities, such as kite flying competitions or part time employment opportunities. Low income unmarried men are just too idle, and that can never be good. Women should know how to use the gun, so looking to all these factor this gun for women shall not become success

Jessie’s pie. Well, that leads to a jealous argument. And Bernice admonishes her daughter with the potent demand,large inflatable soccer ball, “Mind the drippings,giant plastic bubble, Marnie.” What a muddled household. Not unkempt, just mentally untidy. Brushing Jessie’s hair and minding Jessie’s pie are more important than stroking that sweet furry piece. And worse, her mother (an ex prostitute), remarks that Marnie’s hair is,soccer suit, well, whoreish: “Too blonde hair always looks like a woman’s trying to attract a man.” Never mind her mother’s hair is also quite light. Marnie needs to get out of there. It’s time for her to change identities (Marnie Edgar/Margaret Edgar/Peggy Nicholson/Mary Taylor) and stash more jack in her pocketbook.

This was the first handbag to reflect an increasingly active and emancipated lifestyle.Throughout the 1970s the popularity of the Kelly and the Chanel 2.55 endured. Gucci accessories, with their trademark racing green and cherry red stripe, and Louis Vuitton bags and purses, were the ones the beautiful people chose to see and be seen carrying. The latter revamped its signature canvas to make it more supple and suitable for use for lighter accessories and not just vanity cases and trunks at the end of the Fifties. It wasn’t until the Eighties, however, that designer fashion’s main protagonists realised the full potential of the handbag’s power.

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