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Hotpot project overview

HOTPOT is a joint project between Institut Polytechnique La Salle Beauvais (LSB), France, and the University of Brighton, School of Service Management (SSM), UK.

HOTPOT is funded under the European Cross-border Cooperation Programme INTERREG IV A France (Channel) – England, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) over a 39 month period to the sum of 2.8million Euros

The project has four elements:

1. Research into novel food service technologies for disadvantaged populations in the cross channel regions

2. Development of a Masters level curriculum in health, wellbeing and food service management

3. Development of a business support programme for health, wellbeing and  food service businesses in the cross channel regions

4. Public and social engagement programme in wellbeing and a healthy diet in the cross channel regions


HOTPOT Achievements over the period 2009 – 2013



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MOBILE, Alabama The Troy Trojans, with just discount oakleys one victory in seven games this season, arrive in Mobile Friday night for a Sun Belt Conference rivalry game against South Alabama at Ladd Peebles Stadium. RELATED: Heading in different directions, 750 yeezy for sale South Alabama, Troy meet Friday to renew Sun Belt rivalry While the Jaguars, 4 2 overall and 3 1 in league play, are on a three game win streak, the Trojans are struggling at 1 6 overall and 1 2 in Sun Belt matchups. Q: Where does South Alabama sit in terms of Troy’s Sun Belt Conference football rivals with fans and the team? A: cheap ray bans As cheap yeezy boost 750 far as Sun Belt cheap ray bans rivalries, this is probably cheap ray bans the top one. A few of the players were asked about it at Monday’s press conference, and they ranked South Alabama just behind the UAB rivalry. With the schools in close proximity and recruiting the same players throughout the state and the Florida Panhandle, this is a budding rivalry cheap michael kors outlet that should be fun cheap jerseys from china to watch for years to come. Q: What has been the impact with the team of Larry Blakeney announcing his

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